Sunday, July 02, 2006

Back Again...

I have not had much to blog about since Hall moved away, everything weird or worth blogging about happened while she was here. However, I do have one for the books. As a disclaimer, be forewarned that this is pretty disgusting it may even beat my nasty toe story. Here it goes.
Zach Garza, a new intern to Oak Hills, therefore my new colleague, and I went to Fiesta Texas. We snuck away from the office for about 2 hours, just enough time to ride all the big roller coasters and get back to the office without anyone asking a single question. We were searching for this coaster that was pretty much hidden from us, actually we noticed all of them are hidden; they all have these tiny entrances in between two shops or behind another coaster, and I digress. Ok, back on track, we landed in the kiddie stuff and so I decided to ask a guy that was working one of the games where this certain ride was. He kindly proceeded to tell us how to get there and after a few words he said wait (this is where it gets ugly) and right in front of our faces, in mid sentence he puts his entire hand in his mouth and takes out his slobber infested retainer. It was a-w-f-u-l (read slowly for effect). He then finished the directions and we walked away. I almost threw up my Wendy's nuggets and definitely could not focus on what he was saying after that repulsive act. Who does that, who?
A lot has been happening this summer. I have been on 2 trips and tonight I leave for the 3rd one. I am pretty pumped about it, except that I am missing the 4th of July. I love the 4th b/c the entire country is doing the exact same thing cooking out, hanging out, and watching fireworks. So live it up, for me.
I got a myspace and feel as though I might be cheating on this and facebook. I see it differently though and my time must be spaced out between the three. I just hope none feel neglected through this process of going back and forth and in between. Oh well I am over it. Good to be back here though.
I am job searching and that process is fun and frustrating and anything else that describes things, adjectives I believe.
Alright, here it is in a nutshell Kami got married, Riley moved to Waco, Hall moved to Abilene, I have been going on trip after trip, Zach started work at Oak Hills, and I have been looking at options for when I am finished here in August.