Wednesday, August 30, 2006

b/c Ros told me to do so...

I am now unemployed and living in Austin with 2 of the greatest people ever. Without hesitation Mija and Ros gladly took me in. I am so thankful for friends like them. It has been great, I have just been hanging out by myself in the day and then with them at night. The first night we went to HEB late and then we just sit around and talk. Last night Ros made cookies, b/c I wanted some. I am trying to teach Ros to be an offensive driver instead of so cautious, pray for me, haha. Really it has been fantastic here. It almost feels like I am in college again, I do not hate that.
Oak Hills was good. I am glad I had that year to love on kids and get loved on. I met some pretty stinkin great people. It is just cool to have friends in many places. I learned a lot and grew a lot. I just love people and love being around people.
This is not much of an entry, but it beats writing about my toenail, which I still do not have.
Listen, a good friend by the name Jenny Thompson, reminded me of my shout outs the other day. I will not start sending them out, but thinking about just making a blog entry every Friday and making that my shout out. Stay tuned for the first shout out. Love you guys.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I had to say goodbye...

After many months of freaking people out when they looked at my toe, I finally ended that nasty saga. It was sometimes, ok always, fun for me to show my sick toe to people. I also loved talking to people and catching them look down and try not to make a gross face or even throw up about what they had just seen. I cannot explain it and pictures would not be good for those with weak stomachs, but this had gone on too long. It all started in April when the toenail became ingrown. Refer back to viewer discretion is advised. After I got it cut out and took care of it, it finally died and looked awful. That is when I painted it to make it not so nasty, but it did not help much.
The real end to it all began when I went to the Kelly Clarkson concert Friday before last. That is right I went to a Kelly Clarkson concert and it was so sweet, I have no shame in saying it was probably the best concert ever. Hall and I attended the awesome festivities and had amazing seats. I digress. So, as we are leaving the concert and I clip the dead toenail on this girls shoe in front of me. That hurt so bad, I walked over to the side, away from the crowd, and tried to pull it off. Well, one part was not dead and that was the tiny left corner at the bottom still attached to nerve endings, not allowing me to pull the nail off. So, I walked back to the car with a bloody toe and tried to pull it off a few times that week and...nothing. Finally, last Thursday night I went to clip some of the dead nail off that was just hanging around and I lifted it and the whole thing just came right off. Walla, it was a glorious thing. It did bleed for a second, but it looks so much better now that it is gone, you would not believe. The end has finally come after many months of toil and now I await the new nail that will grow in. Thanks for sticking it through with me to the bitter end. I would like to thank my doctor for cutting, the dog for stepping on it and making me call the doctor, Hall for listening to me talk about it, you guys for reading (if you still are), All those that did not throw up when looking at it and really wanted to, last but not least the girl that wore the shoe that I clipped it on and allowed it to come all the way off.