Sunday, December 09, 2007

Been a while, so this is random...

Basketball is in full swing and that is why the posts have not. I am coaching 8th grade, JV and assisting Varsity. I am loving it. The kids are great and I enjoy the bus rides, I know I am weird. We had a tournament this past weekend and we have one this next weekend as well. We are doing very well this year. The girls are so much fun to be around.
Thanks to MoMo I have become absolutely obsessed with making picture collages. I kid you not, when I have a minute to spare which is few and far between I make a picture collage.
I am so thrilled about Christmas. Christmas music and wearing Christmas socks have been on since right after I finished the turkey on Thanksgiving. I am telling you if you have not heard Kelly Clarkson's Oh Holy Night, oh holy cow, you must it is a good one. I love the lights, the smell, the trees, the reindeer. I will put it this way I love everything about this time of year except the bell ringers outside the stores.
So, the past 2 weeks at school we had 6 kids from China come over and check things out. In March 6 of our kids get to go over there, it is some swap students thing that our school was chosen for, pretty cool. Anyway, 2 of the boys were in my pe class and they were awesome. We had an American feast for them one day and gave them brownies and well a bunch of junk food really. They hated the brownies and Dr Pepper, my kind of boys. They were the cutest things ever and said American girls were beautiful and to that I said thank you.
I sat and had many conversations with these two intelligent boys and in one conversation I asked if they believed in God and they both said no. Now fast forward 2 weeks and I am sitting at lunch with some of my basketball girls and the two boys come and sit across from me. One of them, Karl, looked over and said, "can we um um p-r-a-i-r?" I said, "Pray?" He said, "yes yes pray." I went on to ask if he wanted me or him to pray or me to teach him how to pray and he said, "you teach you teach" He repeated after me and then when he was done I told him good job and then he bowed his head and repeated it all over again. It was awesome. There are many stories from the past 2 weeks that is just my all time favorite.
Maybe my next post will be my collages, I have never posted a picture on here and it will ruin my streak, but what the heck. I think people just go to blog sites to see the pictures.