Friday, September 08, 2006

Shout out...

This week I have been in Austin living with or shall I say bumming off of Jen and Ros. It has been good. Good to be with friends and hang out. I have felt a tad useless b/c I have no job and in the day I eat and look online for work. This week as I lived in their living room, ate off their dishes and used their washer and dryer I realized again that friends are so important. We need people. We need friends. We need each other. We do not need the latest model of a certain car or the most trendy shirt or the biggest TV. We just need someone in our lives that will not be afraid to walk up to us and tell us that we fill in the blank. Those cars and shirts and TVs will all go out as soon as the latest versions come in, but as Ecclesiastes says a cord of three strands is not easily broken. Two are so much stronger than one. I hope that someday I can return the favor and help them out when they need it. Why do so many live without the fortune of having really really good friends that lift them up or that tell them honestly what they might not want to hear. We need others b/c we cannot see our blind spots. All I am saying is think about those people, those close friends this week. Love you all.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

b/c Ros told me to do so...

I am now unemployed and living in Austin with 2 of the greatest people ever. Without hesitation Mija and Ros gladly took me in. I am so thankful for friends like them. It has been great, I have just been hanging out by myself in the day and then with them at night. The first night we went to HEB late and then we just sit around and talk. Last night Ros made cookies, b/c I wanted some. I am trying to teach Ros to be an offensive driver instead of so cautious, pray for me, haha. Really it has been fantastic here. It almost feels like I am in college again, I do not hate that.
Oak Hills was good. I am glad I had that year to love on kids and get loved on. I met some pretty stinkin great people. It is just cool to have friends in many places. I learned a lot and grew a lot. I just love people and love being around people.
This is not much of an entry, but it beats writing about my toenail, which I still do not have.
Listen, a good friend by the name Jenny Thompson, reminded me of my shout outs the other day. I will not start sending them out, but thinking about just making a blog entry every Friday and making that my shout out. Stay tuned for the first shout out. Love you guys.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I had to say goodbye...

After many months of freaking people out when they looked at my toe, I finally ended that nasty saga. It was sometimes, ok always, fun for me to show my sick toe to people. I also loved talking to people and catching them look down and try not to make a gross face or even throw up about what they had just seen. I cannot explain it and pictures would not be good for those with weak stomachs, but this had gone on too long. It all started in April when the toenail became ingrown. Refer back to viewer discretion is advised. After I got it cut out and took care of it, it finally died and looked awful. That is when I painted it to make it not so nasty, but it did not help much.
The real end to it all began when I went to the Kelly Clarkson concert Friday before last. That is right I went to a Kelly Clarkson concert and it was so sweet, I have no shame in saying it was probably the best concert ever. Hall and I attended the awesome festivities and had amazing seats. I digress. So, as we are leaving the concert and I clip the dead toenail on this girls shoe in front of me. That hurt so bad, I walked over to the side, away from the crowd, and tried to pull it off. Well, one part was not dead and that was the tiny left corner at the bottom still attached to nerve endings, not allowing me to pull the nail off. So, I walked back to the car with a bloody toe and tried to pull it off a few times that week and...nothing. Finally, last Thursday night I went to clip some of the dead nail off that was just hanging around and I lifted it and the whole thing just came right off. Walla, it was a glorious thing. It did bleed for a second, but it looks so much better now that it is gone, you would not believe. The end has finally come after many months of toil and now I await the new nail that will grow in. Thanks for sticking it through with me to the bitter end. I would like to thank my doctor for cutting, the dog for stepping on it and making me call the doctor, Hall for listening to me talk about it, you guys for reading (if you still are), All those that did not throw up when looking at it and really wanted to, last but not least the girl that wore the shoe that I clipped it on and allowed it to come all the way off.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Back Again...

I have not had much to blog about since Hall moved away, everything weird or worth blogging about happened while she was here. However, I do have one for the books. As a disclaimer, be forewarned that this is pretty disgusting it may even beat my nasty toe story. Here it goes.
Zach Garza, a new intern to Oak Hills, therefore my new colleague, and I went to Fiesta Texas. We snuck away from the office for about 2 hours, just enough time to ride all the big roller coasters and get back to the office without anyone asking a single question. We were searching for this coaster that was pretty much hidden from us, actually we noticed all of them are hidden; they all have these tiny entrances in between two shops or behind another coaster, and I digress. Ok, back on track, we landed in the kiddie stuff and so I decided to ask a guy that was working one of the games where this certain ride was. He kindly proceeded to tell us how to get there and after a few words he said wait (this is where it gets ugly) and right in front of our faces, in mid sentence he puts his entire hand in his mouth and takes out his slobber infested retainer. It was a-w-f-u-l (read slowly for effect). He then finished the directions and we walked away. I almost threw up my Wendy's nuggets and definitely could not focus on what he was saying after that repulsive act. Who does that, who?
A lot has been happening this summer. I have been on 2 trips and tonight I leave for the 3rd one. I am pretty pumped about it, except that I am missing the 4th of July. I love the 4th b/c the entire country is doing the exact same thing cooking out, hanging out, and watching fireworks. So live it up, for me.
I got a myspace and feel as though I might be cheating on this and facebook. I see it differently though and my time must be spaced out between the three. I just hope none feel neglected through this process of going back and forth and in between. Oh well I am over it. Good to be back here though.
I am job searching and that process is fun and frustrating and anything else that describes things, adjectives I believe.
Alright, here it is in a nutshell Kami got married, Riley moved to Waco, Hall moved to Abilene, I have been going on trip after trip, Zach started work at Oak Hills, and I have been looking at options for when I am finished here in August.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Latest and Greatest...

I cannot take all the credit, it was found on another's blog and I also heard it was on the view, but it is taking up all my time and I love it. Go to and you can see what celebrities you look like. It is the coolest. I looked like Billy Crystal, Jennifer Garner, Mischa Barton, an old 18th century guy (could not pronounce his name), and a few others. They were all pretty right on though. Your turn...

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Viewer discretion is advised...

After about a month of pain; enduring people stepping on my toe and trying to cut through my skin every night to get the sucker out, I finally went to the doctor and had him take out my ingrown toe nail. It was quiet the experience. He deadened my toe with three shots and cut half my toe nail off and pulled it out. He then explained to me why I should cut them the right way and how they are caused, it makes so much sense now. I was instructed not to take the wrap off my toe until the next day and so I followed directions, of course.
The next day. I got up the next morning and proceeded to get in the shower. This was the time I could take off the wrapping and was very curious to see what it looked like underneath. First off, you must know that my dad passed down to me the great fainting ability when you see something that disgusts you or a huge amount of blood, both of these things happened, but not until I got in the shower. At first I thought it was very neat and checked it out, feeling very proud that I was not getting light headed. Then, I got in the shower and put shampoo in my hair and looked down and thought half of my toe nail is off and it looks sick at that moment I began to blackout and knew what I had to do, get out and fast. I pulled back the shower curtain and laid on the bathroom floor in the buff, with the water still running. It was a very funny experience and as I lay there I began to laugh out loud and thanked my dad for the fainting hand me downs. I am fine now, do not worry and the bathroom has been cleaned. However, the toe looks pretty nasty. For those that are still reading, thanks for letting me share my story, gross as it may have been.

Monday, May 01, 2006

It's Been A While...

Where to start?
I have been a slacker and thought about posting many times, but have had no funny stories or really anything to account for that has been worth telling and making people sit there and read. I will post more as the summer comes up b/c I am sure I will have many stories after the trips and not to mention Garza is coming here to work and that will just be awesome.
I went golfing for the first time ever. It was so much fun, but let us say I am not a candidate for the green jacket anytime soon. A good friend told me, "You will have a few good shots that keep you coming back to the course." That I did and instead of the course I will stick to the driving range until I feel comfortable.
On Friday night Beth and I went to Austin to a Matt Wertz concert. I must say he is a pretty good performer. I was able to eat dinner and attend the concert with Mija (Jen Perkins), Ros (Rosalyn Perry), and Ferika (Erika Watts). It was an absolute blast. Ferika made a comment, "Americans are so boring they just stand around and watch some guy perform for them, I want to dance." Those that know her well know that she then began dancing and did not stop for the rest of the concert. Let me set the stage. It was at a night club downtown Austin and I think we were the only few that did not have our hand stamped. Highschoolers flooded the place. It was a small, dark, crowded room, and I might be getting too old but it was freakin loud at least while Josh Hoge was performing and I hate to say it but he was terrible. The other two guys were pretty good and one Matt Kearney sounded a little like Coldplay. But the true highlight of my week was Ferika and Mija livening up the place and dancing for a long time while we stood there laughing at those around us giving them funny looks. It was priceless.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Here is a new one Kat...

Last week was spring break, for those blessed to still have one, including, but not limited to, teachers, students, and youth ministers. Our student ministries went skiing in Winter Park, CO. This takes me back to many memories b/c it was the first place I learned to ski. This time I tried snowboarding for many reasons really; skiing hurts my knees, I see no real point in it (meaning there is no scoreboard, you just go up and down a mountain) sorry to all those that love skiing/snowboarding, you must have great snow (powder) or everyone complains, and if it snows too much bringing the powder it is too cold while skiing. Snowboarding was great. I liked it better than skiing, it did not hurt my knees it hurt my butt though. I fell a lot the first day, I am no Olympian, but I am ok. My brother, Riley, is very good at snowboarding so I called him to get some tips and he just laughed and told me to bring some cushion for my butt. Thanks bud.
The best part was getting on and off the lift. I can do it alright with skis, but a snowboard that is awkward. It was hilarious and I fell almost every time I got off. Yes, I was that girl that they had to stop the lift for to get out of the way.
I had fun on the trip. We took 41 kids and 9 adults that is 50 total for those having trouble. We rode in a charter that was pretty nice until boys began using the bathroom at the back of the bus. Good idea to make toilets in a moving vehicle, but not really. Sure you do not have to stop as much, but hold it until you must stop to eat. It snowed the first and third days we were there. We stayed in a young life facility and it was gorgeous.
The Charter: Our bus driver was from San Antonio, so needless to say he had never driven in snow before, we got stuck a few times. One time we had to trek it back to the camp sight about a half mile away through a blizzard. As Austin said while walking through it, "This is the most hardcore thing I have ever done." We were scheduled to leave Wed around 6:00 pm and drive all night. Well, we were snowed in and so we had to stay another night. We left the next morning around 7:00 am. It is a 20 hour bus ride, oh no my friends, it was a 34 hour bus ride. Our bus broke down in none other than Dumas, TX (I thought about you, Lij). I was absolutely opposed to getting an ipod for a long time now, after this I am looking at getting a video ipod for the summer trips. It is an investment I must make before another bus breaks down and I hear the word shut up coming from high school students more times than I like to remember.
The upside, there is always an upside, many kids came on the trip that I had never seen before. I got to know many kids and hear their stories. It was great and lately it has been breaking my heart over the kids that we say "do not belong". What does that even mean? How are we "cool" and they are not? I am not perfect, I have made fun and not allowed those people in "my group" before, but why. There are no legitimate reasons and for those people I have hurt, I am sorry.

When a guy on the trip talked about how he did not fit and he knew that when he walked away they called him a fag and other names and he did not care about that, but why would he go to church when he has friends at school that treat him better than those at church. Amen. That is our problem, we think we are better than. This is where I go back to my last post, there is no ladder. I am realizing that the only important thing in life is to be like Jesus. I want that more than anything.
There is your post, Kat.

Monday, March 06, 2006

There is no ladder...

So, my roomie has been gone for a long time now. She gets back this Thurs though, wahooo. I am pretty pumped b/c it has been pretty lonely. It was ok for the first couple of days, then at night when we watch our shows and recap our days it was pretty boring and lonely. Which brings me to my next thought.
I love growing up and learning new and different things. I love new situations that enlighten my thoughts and allow me to process what I think and feel about all sorts of things. I love going through many situations and I really love where I have been and all that it has taught me. Let me tell you right now that I am reading this book that you all must read. As most of you know I am not in any way "a reader", so this book is not new by any means b/c I am usually the last to find out about the "cool, new" books. I think it is a couple of years old and also as you know I am not really on the up and up.
(Real quick let me tell you what just happened in the office. I am filling out these ski forms online that require many stats about the skier, such as height, weight, shoe size you get the point. One kid did not fill out his form in its entirety, so I needed a little help on this guys stats. I start to ask Austin and got distracted then I did it again and again, after the fourth time of doing that he turned around and said, "Wow, you are going to have to formulate a sentence at some point." It was absolutely the funniest thing that has come out of that kids mouth and I died laughing.)
Back to reality, this book that is quickly changing my life is called "Searching for God Knows What" by Donald Miller yeah yeah he wrote Blue Like Jazz, but people I am telling you if you have not read or picked up this book do so today. It is great. I could go on and on about it and some may say I already have, but I love it.
I just got finished with the chapters about Adam and Eve and the fall of man and all I can say is beautiful. Every word I read in that chapter. I cannot wait to read on. I also read the part about the "alien" coming to earth. It was perfect. Not to forget the lifeboat theory. Wow, this guy is great. There is no ladder. We are all equal. Think about it. If we are to become like Jesus and truly get who He is, we must first learn that there is no ladder.
Out of all the books on my shelf if you want to find out the ones I have really read, which are about 4, you can flip through them and see if any sentence or word or paragraph is underlined. I am an underlined b/c if it was a good point and I want to go back to it at some point it is easier than reading it all over. Hey, I read it once not going to do it again. Let me be the first to say I think I have underlined almost every word on every page of this book.
I got to spend a whole day with my daddy. It was a great day that Friday. We went to the girls state basketball tournament at UT in Austin. We had a blast together eating, watching basketball, eating some more. Nothing better than quality time with my daddy. Missed you, ma.
I also got to see and hang out with Mija, Ros, and Ferika. It was very refreshing to see them and eat at Shady Grove. Many good times and lots of laughter. If you go there do not get Aaron with the toboggan and long curly hair to be your waiter.
At the last game I got to see an old h.s. teacher and great friend and my boys who are growing up too fast. That was fun.
I thought about giving up certain things for lent i.e. cokes, fast food, and tv. Then, I thought yeah right, get real. Therefore, I figured I needed to start a few things i.e. reading (doing that) and working out (have done it once and plan to begin) I know what you are all saying right now, shut up.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I get it now...

As I drove away from an incredible weekend in Abilene I was reminded of a conversation I once had with my Daddy (yes I am 23 and still call him daddy). I asked him why he wanted to go back to Abilene all the time and even live there again. He said one day you will get it. Well, I did, I got it. While getting on the loop to head back to San Antonio I got it. At that moment I understood what he was talking about. The love, the community, the hugs, the smiles, the laughter, the friendships, the campus, and the familiarity of the small town. I like Abilene, I said it and I mean it.
This weekend was so great not only to get away but to spend time with people that I used to see everyday on my way to class or on my work "errands" that took me hours. Sing song was wonderful, weird to not be a part of the show, but sweet to look on from the audience and watch a 2 minute segment that I knew had been worked on and toiled over for months to get it perfect and perfect it was, drama and all.

I got to see and visit with old friends that were part of my life for four years and still are in different ways. It is great to go back and eat the food, see the people, and of course sing 'The Lord bless you and Keep you'.
Hall and I soaked up every minute while we were there. We ran back in Moody when we heard of the malfunction, we walked around campus, we went to the mall, we ate with best friends, we stayed with a best friend, I got to eat with an old friend that was there for lectureship and just soak up his wisdom and hear more of his journey, we ate at Rosas, Bueno, Chicken Express, shopped in the campus store, and just saw friends the entire time. I asked a few times if there was anything else Hall wanted to do while in Abilene and all she said was, "walk around campus". Reading this you might think I still live in the old days, the college years, but I do not. I was just reminded this weekend of how great it was and how much it impacted my life and how awesome the friends I have from that experience.
So, friends, thanks for what you mean to me. It was great seeing you all this weekend and catching up on how life is and all that it brings.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Bison Country...

Right now I write to from Harding's Student Center, that is right all you wildcats I crossed over to the other side. I am realizing the differences, the pros and cons and why all people that go to either university love whichever one they are at, most of the time.
I just learned I am actually in the "pit". It is pretty cool all decked out with a fireplace, TV, java city, smoothie company, bookstore, university store, and plenty of food places. Granted they cannot live off campus so they must cater to freshman through senior, but it is a pretty big place arranged very uniquely. Now, Searcy does not have much to speak of except a Wal Mart and those started in Arkansas so I hope every town in this state has one.
The basketball game last night was a blast, this is one thing Harding has over ACU. The gym was packed and all the students wore black, some freaks painted their faces. They have a lot of school spirit and I enjoyed that and listening to them yell different things together after certain plays or events. A few examples: when someone has 4 fouls they all hold up four fingers then yell, "1,2,3,4 uh oh somebody is in trouble" then point to that player and say, "you, you, you, you, you." When they foul out as the player walks back to the bench they go, "left, right, left, right" all the way to the seat, then go, "sit down". It was pretty funny b/c 2 guys fouled out last night so the team caught on to what they did. When the second fouled out he walked to the bench and acted like he was going to sit and went down and they all started to yell, then he got back up. I think I was the only one that was not from the other team that laughed out loud. After a 3 is made they yell, "O-le, O-le, O-le, O-le". It was just fun.
Chapel was a little old fashioned. They take roll by seats, so I cheated for someone today by sitting in their seat when they were gone, you are welcome whomever you are. Pros and cons to sliding in and out. You can sit wherever you like daily. But, it is hard to get others to slide for you. Here, you can just get someone to sit in your seat, a little get my back and I will get yours.
So, saying all of this has led me to believe that it is all about the people you meet. I met amazing people at ACU and would not change that for the world, I will change the world b/c of it though, haha. I also believe that if I were to go to say Pepperdine or Harding I would have met amazing people at those places as well. We are all going to want things to be different wherever we are and most of the time want to be elsewhere. All places have rules and regulations some more than others i.e. Harding and ACU, but both are great. Here is the thing be where you are and be who you are called to be. Sure it is always greener on the other side, but only if you water the other side. Water your side, make it better.
p.s. Anyone see my girl Kelly C. win not 1 but 2 grammy's that is right people. It was a tad disheartening that I did not get a thanks, but whatev.

Monday, February 06, 2006

How Great is Our God...

The title of this blog is absolutely my favorite song right now. I think it will be for a long time to come. It is sung by Chris Tomlin. It is a song that, believe me, you do not want to be in the car with me when it comes on the radio b/c I belt it out as though I were Faith Hill or Kelly Clarkson. The title says it all but it goes beyond that. I have no clue where this is going just work with me here. He is so great. Lately I have tried to look around at the small things and I have realized that He is in it all, I knew that, it is just very evident at this moment. I lose focus when I look at the big picture of things. He absolutely goes before us and prepares the way. I can see that all around me with the friends he has blessed me with everywhere I go and the things he puts in my hand to do or to be a part of. Right now I am overwhelmed with His love and the way he puts it all together for us. Wow. I can think back to even an hour ago and see why He did that. Often times though I do not see the reason until years later. Look around today and see where He has placed you and know it is for a reason. You might think it is crappy and ready to move to the next place, but be there for Him and bless those around you. Love you guys. I could write all day, but I will spare you.
We lost our game, again, Sat. We only have 2 more left. I think I will miss losing, nah, the kids though.
DNow this weekend was great. I got to see many friends and through them were greatly encouraged.
Kami has given us choices for bridesmaid dresses and she got her dress, it is coming together.
Sing song is near. I must fix my speaker before we go b/c I made a promise and b/c it is flat annoying when it acts up.
Encourage someone today.
Thought for the day: I wish it were still cool to tuck in your shirts. Thought about b/c Austin noticed they all have their shirts tucked in on the front of the lectureship booklet.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I have learned the hard way, winning is not everything...

Count yet another loss for my little 5th and 6th grade girls. Bless their hearts they are so cute, but cannot shoot a ball for the life of them. We played the other Oak Hills team today and it was what I thought to be a little better match up. Most of the other teams we have played have had girls my size, I wonder what they feed these girls. They are huge, beasts I tell you, beasts. This afternoon was a little better, we actually hit double digits. Now, I know winning is not everything, it is the only thing. Kidding, but after a while it does get to you. At least it gets to me, I think the girls just want the snack after the game. Here are some things I heard from the bench today while the game was going on: "Coach K, can I go say hi to my friend she just walked in?", "Can I give this to my dad (referring to a bracelet)?", "If we win can we go have a pizza party?", or one of my personal favorites during a time out, "coach K can I go to the bathroom?" (asked from one of the girls sitting on the bench), it was all over when a group of cheerleaders came in loud and decked out in blue I had lost them, they started asking me what they were doing. No you may not go say hi to your friend. No, you cannot give that to your dad during the game. A pizza party if you win? You have never won, try that before planning the celebration. Sure you can go to the bathroom. I have no clue what those girls are doing, focus on the game. Now, those questions tell me they do not give a rat's tail. At least I am having fun and so are they, most of the time. This is my humble lesson, but I still love winning.
On a side note: The friends thing might be a rumor, stink.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Fantastic News!!!

Just wanted to pass along some of the best news ever. F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you know my favorite show that I aspire my life after (kidding, kind of), is going to have 4 one hour episodes on TV next year, specific date soon to come. Also, the 3 guys; Joey, Chandler, and Ross may sign to have a spin off called It's a Guy Thing. I am all over that spin off, unlike the Joey spin off. I am pretty pumped and can think of nothing else that makes me happier.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

No matter how old or worn down she gets, I will always love her

The break was a great one. I did not see Kelly Clarkson, but I got to see most of my great friends. It was so good talking with and getting caught up with everyone. Spending quality time with my family was needed and wonderful. My parents are just fantastic. Sad it is all over, but good to come back to San Antonio and see co-workers and office life, cannot beat it.
I got a call from Hall, who arrived a day before me. Austin was dropping her off at the apartment complex and she said, "did you leave your car here?" I said, "Shut up." Hall said, "seriously, it is not here in its spot." My first thought was that someone stole the blue bullet, I know it is popular, but leave her be people. Hall's vehicle had a note on it threatening to tow it. So, we figured mine got towed, just great. I called the next day expecting it to be around 80-85 dollars. Wrong! It was 324.30!!! Yeah, what the crap. So, we took off to retrieve old blue could it have been any further away. It was in the worst part of town, even old blue looked good. I was afraid we were going to get shot or I needed weed to trade for my car. We walked in and we might have cancer from walking in that place with all the second hand smoke. The lady had a cig liter hooked onto her computer as one of her drives, what the crap. Then, Hall pointed out a terrible picture on the wall of the lady. You know the pictures in Napoleon Dynamite hanging in their house, it was like those.
Then the plane ride back was one to speak of. First off, when Beth dropped me off at the airport the handle that pulls up to pull the bag would not come up, so I looked like an idiot carrying my bag through the airport. People were looking at me as though I did not know it had wheels. I needed a sign that said, I know it is broken. Well, on the plane I became that girl, here is why. I pretty much stuffed my bag on the way home with all new stuff I received. I was not about to check luggage, it was all going to be carry-on. After waiting forever because all planes were delayed we finally boarded the aircraft. I was sitting towards the back of the plane, so many were behind me. I was trying to get my bag in the compartment above my seat and it was not going in. I looked back and it was that scene on Dumb and Dumber when they turn the corner on their moped and so many cars are behind them. So, I apologized and said, "sorry, I am that girl". All the passengers were already pissed because it was late. I am literally shoving my bag in the compartment and an old lady looks over and says, "if you break that they will take all the people off this plane and we will have to wait on another one". I took that as stop trying to push it in, so I did and had to take things out of the front pocket of the bag and hold them. Great plane ride.