Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3 awesome weekends...

Read all the way through and enjoy some pictures at the end, that is right I am going to post pictures, get excited.
It all started with homecoming weekend. One of my favorites and for the first time since college I was not driving in on Thurs night and spending the night with Hall to attend chapel the next morning I was awaiting company here in Abilene. Katie came in on Thurs and we had a grand ol time catching up and staying up late. Friday my parents arrived and shortly thereafter Erika and Jen showed up, yesss. Ferika and Jen (mija) occupied room 129 in Gardner and it was fabulous. It took us back to dorm life and that was a fun time. We walked the halls together and just reminisced. We woke up and went to the parade, which never lets me down and then on to the football game.
Two weeks later they returned, along with others, for our annual girls weekend. That was an absolute blast. We shopped, ate, sat around a fire, stayed up late, watched sing song videos (do not judge), went to friday chapel, ate some more, went to anson lights (Hess' favorite), dead baby house (always a hit) and ate again. That weekend never fails to be so much fun, I look forward to it and love it. I cannot wait until Nashville '09.
The third and final awesome weekend was Beth and Jarod's wedding weekend. It was a classy event in which I got to see many friends that I have not seen in a while.
Alright, enough talking here are some pics...

The cute couple

me, Spence, Kate, Em

ACU Friends


Kate, Em, Kami, me clue

Group w/Grandpa

hanging around campfire

Hess pumped about Anson lights

MoMo's reaction to halftime show

Ferika's reaction to halftime show

Group at game

Go Wildcats!!



sporting the purple except one of us...

We love ACU Wildcats!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I went to the library today, that was not a mistake. Here is the deal since I started grad school, I decided to go to the library for an hour a day and just read or do research for papers that will be due. I know over achiever, what can I say. Today when I went, I needed to check out some books. I went up the counter and gave him my name and he said I have a fine. What?!? Seriously? He said yeah, it is from 2004. I said that was my junior year. Wow, I went to the library a hand full of times. One of those times, all of my clothes were stolen out of my closet (Em and Neeners). I never remember checking books out, pretty sure I did not know how to do that anyways.
I guess it has been truth week for me, or I am just growing up. I caught a girl sliding her card in chapel for another girl and straight up took both cards from her and turned them in. Also, residence directors can eat 6 meals a week in the bean, that is right you guys are jealous. We walk up sign a piece of paper, put our banner id on it and what meal we are eating. Well, the paper had a girls name on that is for sure not a director and the lady at the counter asked me if I knew who she was and I said nope, she is not a director. I then asked if she wanted me to write all the res. directors names on the back of the paper so they knew for a fact who we were.
I love national stay at home week b/c my TV shows are all coming back. That makes me very happy.
Gardner you ask: window broken, sneaking out, gold fish in room, furniture moved from east lobby, asthma attack all in a week.
Work is going well. I am enjoying walking around campus and seeing my girls from gardner. It is fun to go to chapel and not have to slide a card, but weird to be there and not see my friends sitting on the floor. Extra weird to eat in the bean and go to the left side and expect to see all my friends eating at "our" table and they are not there. I love sitting in my apartment and hearing the yells on the intramural fields.
Freshmen Follies happened and it was awesome. Since then it has been way cool walking the halls at night b/c more doors are open and more girls are out in the hallways chatting it up and having a good time.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I now have 300 girls, give or take a few, that live in my mansion. It has been a long week, but a good one. I will say, I have missed watching the olympics. I am obsessed with them, to say the least. We had candle light devo, the gardner meeting (which I spoke for an hour at-I know, shocker), got to see Cassie and Jevy and Kara moving their sisters in, well Kara was moving Zach's sister in, but same thing. That was crazy. The fire alarm went off, boys tried to climb up the escape ladder, curfew violations, calling girls out on their nasty butt shorts and much much more. It was a pretty eventful week and many more to come. It is funny to be on the other side of things, maybe not all the time, well yeah pretty much all the time.
I begin school on Mon, what the crap? You heard it right, I am going back to school per my own decision, never ever thought that would happen. I am getting my masters of higher education because I am really liking this working at a university thing. That sentence sounded intelligent.
I am staying up late again and soon will be back in the books, wait I never was in the books. This time I will be, I promise MoMo. I really feel like I am a freshmen again, it is awesome. It was really funny before the big meeting, the girls did not know who I was and so they would say anything when they would walk by me in the dorm, oh the things I heard. It kind of made me want to go incognito all year long to hear everything, but let's face it I am about to be 26 and so old and mature, it would not have lasted long.
Kristi: I am still reminding myself that I am the adult, I am the adult. Thanks.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A 1 1/2 day trip quickly turned into a 4 day trip...

My dream is to go to all the baseball stadiums before I die. When I heard Yankee stadium and Shea stadium were getting torn down after the season, I knew I needed to book a trip quickly. So, mom, dad and myself took an unforgettable trip to New York.
It began on Tues, we flew out at 11:15. We had a connection in Atlanta and literally sprinted through the airport and made it to the terminal only to hear you have 1 minute to board the flight to New York. We made it, barely. Then, we get to the hotel only to hear they do not have our reservation and they are over booked. You must be kidding?!?! They found us a room and an upgrade, actually. We made it to the Mets game Tues evening. It was awesome. The fans are the best, they love the game. The chanting never stopped from the first inning to the ninth inning. When the pitcher had thrown 2 strikes and there were 2 outs, every person stood and clapped for the next pitch. They cheered on their team like they were good friends with every player. The next day...Yankee stadium. This is what I had been waiting for, do not get me wrong I love the Mets, I mean my middle name is Shea after the stadium, but the Yankees come on. The game was at 1:10 and we arrived at noon. It was like sitting in history. I just kept thinking how great it was that the babe stood on the same field and hit a home run, Mantle ran the bases there, etc. Again, the fans cheered and were passionate about every call. It was something I will never forget. I cannot even put in words how awesome it was to watch games at those stadiums. We were scheduled to fly out that evening at 7:29 and arrived at the airport around 5:00only to find out that our flight was delayed. After we made it through security we found out that many flights had been cancelled and ours was delayed some more. At 1:30 in the morning our flight was cancelled. We had to then go back downstairs and stand in the 1 hour line to reschedule. I needed to be at work the next morning at 9 and that was not happening. So, we get to front of the line to find out there are no flights to Atlanta until after 5 the next day. So, we do it. Then, we find out the first available from ATL to DFW is at 8am the next morning. Joy to the world. At this moment every rental is taken and every hotel/motel is taken from NY to New Jersey. Crazy. You know what happened then, find as comfortable of a spot you can in the airport and try to sleep. haha, yeah right. Mom and I noticed them handing blankets out about 3, so we went over to get one and the man said, "you must be sitting down to get a blanket." What??!!!! You have to be kidding, are we in first grade? So, we ran in front of him and sat down and he handed us one when he got to us. Awesome. After a thirty minute nap, civilians began making their way in the airport to catch there flights out the next morning. Cool, just imagine over 100 people with huge sky blue blankets all bundled up in various parts of the airport and men and women coming in with suits and nice clothing on. We truly felt homeless. It was great. We met a ton of people and had a blast. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 6:00 that evening. Well, we needed to get out of the airport and heard of a bus that you can ride for 2 dollars to manhattan and it brings you back to the airport, sweet. We get exact change for our joy ride and go outside with backpacks and homeless blankets and wait for the bus. We get on and ride it to manhattan and when it stops there the driver says ok, that is the end everyone off. Wait a minute, they said it takes us back to the airport. The driver says it was no joy bus and we have to get off. So nice. We get off and walk through manhattan with blankets and backpacks. I was sure someone was going to hand us change or something. We ate lunch and caught another bus back to the airport, it only made our day better. We get back and realize our flight was delayed again. Now it is going to leave at 7 instead of 6. Alright, our flight shows up around 8, everyone gets off and we all stand there for 30 minutes. A man then comes out and says one of the crew members just checked out, so we have to wait on another flight and it will land around 9:30. We finally board our plane to ATL at 10:30. Then, spent the night in ATL and headed to DFW the next morning at 8am. Man, it was a long trip and two nights in the airport later we finally got home. I will say, if you are still reading, I would not trade it for the world. Baseball is truly an american tradition in New York.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

I had to check every room in my gardner mansion today. Top to bottom and everything in between, I had to physically look at each and every bed and see which ones needed to be replaced. It was actually fun. I had yet to visit my old room and today was the big day. It was so much fun walking the halls again and remembering the good times. As I was on the third floor, about to walk into what was Mo and Cheryl's old room, I was remembering my nightly walks up there and was stopped dead in my tracks when I thought about it being 7 years ago. What?!? It was so great vividly remembering things that happened and who lived where. It makes me so very excited for when the freshmen move in and begin to make friends for life.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm A Big Kid Now...

I am a terrible blogger, but thanks to those reading this who stuck it out and continue to check in, having faith that I would return.
Recently I moved in to Gardner Dorm, no not a freshman again, as the director. What?!?! That is right, believe it. It has been about 2 weeks. Loved the coaching and teaching thing, but have moved on. I have a two bedroom apartment that sits near the west lobby. It is actually an entire hallway, so I call it my single wide. The guest bedroom, if you want to call it that doubles as my laundry room, well triples as the workout room as well. I love my place, it is my own. I am absolutely pumped for the freshmen class to move in, I cannot wait to meet them and see who I will share my Gardner mansion with.
On another update two dear friends got married allowing me to spend time with many dear friends. Jen and Hayden finally tied the knot. It was beautiful and perfect. I stayed with Lij and Neen as did Blake and Mo, good times had by all. We went to the rehearsal dinner and when we all saw each other it was as though we had not seen one another in 10 years, oh the screaming-Ros. We had a good time hanging out in Austin. Thanks for getting married Mija and Hayden.
Finally a blog. I will try to keep this updated more. I know you guys want to hear about my summer training here in the dorm.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bball is over...

Because of these girls the past two years of my life have been absolutely awesome.
Basketball has come to an end. We almost made the play-offs, but had a tie breaker game and lost in overtime. It was a good run. It took up pretty much all of my time and then some, but it was so worth it. It honestly took me a while to get over it, but I think I am finally over it. We had our season ending party on Sunday night at Chili's. It has been an honor to coach the greatest girls in the history of high school. Sure, they had their ups and downs and drama moments like any high school girl, but overall I could not have hand picked a better group of girls.
I have been the worlds worst blogger lately, but now that basketball is over I can actually have somewhat of a life to write about.