Saturday, January 28, 2006

I have learned the hard way, winning is not everything...

Count yet another loss for my little 5th and 6th grade girls. Bless their hearts they are so cute, but cannot shoot a ball for the life of them. We played the other Oak Hills team today and it was what I thought to be a little better match up. Most of the other teams we have played have had girls my size, I wonder what they feed these girls. They are huge, beasts I tell you, beasts. This afternoon was a little better, we actually hit double digits. Now, I know winning is not everything, it is the only thing. Kidding, but after a while it does get to you. At least it gets to me, I think the girls just want the snack after the game. Here are some things I heard from the bench today while the game was going on: "Coach K, can I go say hi to my friend she just walked in?", "Can I give this to my dad (referring to a bracelet)?", "If we win can we go have a pizza party?", or one of my personal favorites during a time out, "coach K can I go to the bathroom?" (asked from one of the girls sitting on the bench), it was all over when a group of cheerleaders came in loud and decked out in blue I had lost them, they started asking me what they were doing. No you may not go say hi to your friend. No, you cannot give that to your dad during the game. A pizza party if you win? You have never won, try that before planning the celebration. Sure you can go to the bathroom. I have no clue what those girls are doing, focus on the game. Now, those questions tell me they do not give a rat's tail. At least I am having fun and so are they, most of the time. This is my humble lesson, but I still love winning.
On a side note: The friends thing might be a rumor, stink.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Fantastic News!!!

Just wanted to pass along some of the best news ever. F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you know my favorite show that I aspire my life after (kidding, kind of), is going to have 4 one hour episodes on TV next year, specific date soon to come. Also, the 3 guys; Joey, Chandler, and Ross may sign to have a spin off called It's a Guy Thing. I am all over that spin off, unlike the Joey spin off. I am pretty pumped and can think of nothing else that makes me happier.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

No matter how old or worn down she gets, I will always love her

The break was a great one. I did not see Kelly Clarkson, but I got to see most of my great friends. It was so good talking with and getting caught up with everyone. Spending quality time with my family was needed and wonderful. My parents are just fantastic. Sad it is all over, but good to come back to San Antonio and see co-workers and office life, cannot beat it.
I got a call from Hall, who arrived a day before me. Austin was dropping her off at the apartment complex and she said, "did you leave your car here?" I said, "Shut up." Hall said, "seriously, it is not here in its spot." My first thought was that someone stole the blue bullet, I know it is popular, but leave her be people. Hall's vehicle had a note on it threatening to tow it. So, we figured mine got towed, just great. I called the next day expecting it to be around 80-85 dollars. Wrong! It was 324.30!!! Yeah, what the crap. So, we took off to retrieve old blue could it have been any further away. It was in the worst part of town, even old blue looked good. I was afraid we were going to get shot or I needed weed to trade for my car. We walked in and we might have cancer from walking in that place with all the second hand smoke. The lady had a cig liter hooked onto her computer as one of her drives, what the crap. Then, Hall pointed out a terrible picture on the wall of the lady. You know the pictures in Napoleon Dynamite hanging in their house, it was like those.
Then the plane ride back was one to speak of. First off, when Beth dropped me off at the airport the handle that pulls up to pull the bag would not come up, so I looked like an idiot carrying my bag through the airport. People were looking at me as though I did not know it had wheels. I needed a sign that said, I know it is broken. Well, on the plane I became that girl, here is why. I pretty much stuffed my bag on the way home with all new stuff I received. I was not about to check luggage, it was all going to be carry-on. After waiting forever because all planes were delayed we finally boarded the aircraft. I was sitting towards the back of the plane, so many were behind me. I was trying to get my bag in the compartment above my seat and it was not going in. I looked back and it was that scene on Dumb and Dumber when they turn the corner on their moped and so many cars are behind them. So, I apologized and said, "sorry, I am that girl". All the passengers were already pissed because it was late. I am literally shoving my bag in the compartment and an old lady looks over and says, "if you break that they will take all the people off this plane and we will have to wait on another one". I took that as stop trying to push it in, so I did and had to take things out of the front pocket of the bag and hold them. Great plane ride.