Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I went to the library today, that was not a mistake. Here is the deal since I started grad school, I decided to go to the library for an hour a day and just read or do research for papers that will be due. I know over achiever, what can I say. Today when I went, I needed to check out some books. I went up the counter and gave him my name and he said I have a fine. What?!? Seriously? He said yeah, it is from 2004. I said that was my junior year. Wow, I went to the library a hand full of times. One of those times, all of my clothes were stolen out of my closet (Em and Neeners). I never remember checking books out, pretty sure I did not know how to do that anyways.
I guess it has been truth week for me, or I am just growing up. I caught a girl sliding her card in chapel for another girl and straight up took both cards from her and turned them in. Also, residence directors can eat 6 meals a week in the bean, that is right you guys are jealous. We walk up sign a piece of paper, put our banner id on it and what meal we are eating. Well, the paper had a girls name on that is for sure not a director and the lady at the counter asked me if I knew who she was and I said nope, she is not a director. I then asked if she wanted me to write all the res. directors names on the back of the paper so they knew for a fact who we were.
I love national stay at home week b/c my TV shows are all coming back. That makes me very happy.
Gardner you ask: window broken, sneaking out, gold fish in room, furniture moved from east lobby, asthma attack all in a week.
Work is going well. I am enjoying walking around campus and seeing my girls from gardner. It is fun to go to chapel and not have to slide a card, but weird to be there and not see my friends sitting on the floor. Extra weird to eat in the bean and go to the left side and expect to see all my friends eating at "our" table and they are not there. I love sitting in my apartment and hearing the yells on the intramural fields.
Freshmen Follies happened and it was awesome. Since then it has been way cool walking the halls at night b/c more doors are open and more girls are out in the hallways chatting it up and having a good time.