Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I have been tagged

List 7 things to do before I die:
1. visit all the ballparks
2. become a mom
3. coach varsity volleyball or basketball at a 5a high school
4. live in the northeast area
5. see the 7 wonders of the world
6. learn another language
7. learn to play the piano
List 7 things I cannot (or will not) do:
1. stop drinking coca-cola classic
2. stop wearing khakis
3. stop buying movies
4. stop eating popcorn
5. stop comparing life to F.R.I.E.N.D.S
6. stop saying corny grandmaish things
7. stop laughing at everything
List 7 things that attract me to my (future) spouse:
1. his love for Christ and the way he shows that
2. his humor and the way he always makes me laugh
3. his love for people
4. his love for sports
5. his smile and laugh
6. his love for his family and mine
7. his knowledge
List 7 things I say most often:
1. unbelievable
2. what the crap?
3. I looooove _____
4. I am hungry
5. seriously
6. that's great
7. sweet
List 7 books or series that I love(this is very hard, not sure I have read 7 books in my lifetime):
1. blogs, they count, you all do it
2. Mere Christianity
3. Man's Search for Meaning
4. Wild At Heart
5. I will read Blue Like Jazz
6. I will finish Cure for the Common Life
7. Bible
List 7 movies I would watch over and over again (this too is hard, not for lack there of, but the exact opposite):
1. Cinderella Man
2. Mean Girls
3. Mr/Mrs Smith
4. Toy Story
5. The Notebook
6. The Terminal
7. The School of Rock
List 7 people I would love to join in:
1. Holly Porter
2. Erin Sedwick
3. Emily Wallace
4. Lij/Neen
5. MoMo/Blake
6. Mija
7. Ferika

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Just to add something...

Over on your right click on Kat and read her blog first.
Now, she left a few things out from the trip. Most of you know Zach Garza, if not you are missing out; huge guy, funny, afro, tall, stumbles over his words, large you get the point. He went on our campaign with us. We figured out very quickly that he would say the most inappropriate things at the worst times. We started calling them Zach Attacks. Here are just a few from the week.
Zach Attack #1
As Kat said the church was African American (keep that in mind), they were feeding us our last meal before we left them. It was a very nice gesture. If I remember correctly it was spaghetti. We were going through the line buffet style and Garza had already gotten his food and sat down, typical. While sitting he noticed he forgot to grab the eating utensils. In his defense, plastic wear is usually white and they had black plastic wear. (This is when you remember the statement above) Garza looked back and yelled, he yelled, "Can someone throw me some black wear?" It got completely silent, just imagine.
Zach Attack #2
Upon arriving at the church that so graciously took us in with so little warning they took Kat and me to the grocery store and they bought us tons of food for the entire week. They allowed us to stay at their church and fed us that night in their dining hall. Again in his defense, it was an old warehouse. I think I have mentioned how great they were with much hospitality and giving of all they had. Some people do not know exactly how to say thanks in these situations, Garza is one of them, bless his heart. He looks over to the lady and again yells, yes yells, "Thanks for letting us eat in your garage." What? Again, wow Garza just be quiet.
Zach Attack #3
An awesome family that lived across the street from Gillette stadium, this to say the house was gigantic, allowed all 17 of us to stay at their house. We were following the man down the hall as he showed us around, close behind him was Garza. I see Garza looking over at a picture on the wall of three girls, crap what is he about to do. Immediately he asks the guy if those are his daughters, the man replied, "yes" and Garza says, "WOW, they are hot." We all just bust out laughing.
There is absolutely nothing you can do about these Zach Attacks, they come when you least expect them and you sure as heck cannot stop them. I love Garza. Those are just a few of my favorites. Kat, great story.

Monday, December 12, 2005

It's the most wonderful time of the year

I tried to post one last week and whilst (thanks Chandler from friends) I was in the middle of, what I think was a great one, Austin looks over and says the internet is down you should save that. The next button I pushed, it all deleted. I was devastated, not really, but just did not want to redo it all right then. I will try to place in the highlights of the last one, but no promises.
My meeting Kelly Clarkson was true, for you non-believers, but not as cool as Kat seeing Will Smith in Abilene, what? I believe her, I have to. But, did she get a picture with him, doubt it.
More great news: Linds King and Brent Couchman got engaged Friday night after graduation!!
Hess is finally getting married this Saturday, yesss!!
Truly it is the most wonderful time of the year. I love the lights on houses, the music, the trees, the hot chocolate, a Christmas story-the movie, the turtlenecks and sweaters, and sno; nevermind, not here. I really miss the house in Abilene, well a couple of them, but my favorite was the one right across from the ad building, that had so many lights up. It was so trashy, they loved this holiday and it showed. They got every decoration out they could and found a place to put it out in their yard or roof or wherever they could. You know what I am talking about. The other was the house on sayles with the half circle drive viewing a large room through a huge window with every santa clause since the idea was thought up.
This morning the student ministries staff dressed up in cheesy Christmas attire. Austin, of course, took it to the next level and colored a mustache on his face and wore glasses, he pretty much looked like Chester the molester, nasty. We all took pictures and had a blast, it was a grand ol time. We have so much together, I love laughing.
The other night we went to the infamous Lucado Christmas party. The house was packed. It was so great and you guessed it, David Robinson was there. I will not humiliate myself and Hall with the stalking throughout the night that occurred, but I will tell you of the end. We went to tell a friend bye and lo and behold she and her husband were talking to David and his wife. So, we were just going to wave and she said wait come here and went in for the hug. I was not going to argue and hugged her and then her husband then turned around to leave and saw this shadow coming down on me, I looked up only to see David collapsing on me and wrapping his long arms around me. Then, he kissed my cheek. It was as though his entire mouth was eating my face, that was sick. I love DRob he is so nice. I am starting to sound obsessed, I will stop.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I was a normal fan before tonight

Tonight I became a little obsessed 13 year old girl. It was pretty awesome. I was a normal fan before tonight.
Here we go from the beginning. I came to Burleson for thanksgiving b/c my parents now live here. We went to dinner at Chili's and I never thought twice about Kelly being here. Until, we walked in the restaurant and my dad went to tell the lady we had 4 and heard someone behind him say, "Kelly". They seated us right away and when we got to our table dad told me he heard someone say, "Kelly" and he wondered if that was Kelly Clarkson. I turned around to look and did not think so. Boy was I wrong. I said, "don't you think if that was Kelly, they would have seated her already." Then, the waitress turned and said, "it is her" At that moment I got a little excited. I told my parents I should just walk up and introduce myself, jokingly. I had an excuse to stand close to her b/c Beth was meeting us at Chili's so I got up to go wait for her at the door. While waiting I thought why not just walk up and meet her, you only have one shot. I kept staring, of course, and watched a guy walk up and talk to one of her friends. Then he introduced himself and got her autograph, which he said was for his 7 year old niece, yeah right it was for him. As soon as he left I made my move. I went in for the kill. I walked over and tapped on her shoulder and she turned. My heart was pounding. I said, "I do not want to seem like a little 13 year old girl (she laughed), but I want to introduce myself. I am Kenli." She said, "hi, nice to meet you." I said, "My friend, Hall, looooves (you know how I say loves, Rosalyn) you." Then, I said, "Can I do another 13 year old, stalkerish thing and get a picture with you." She said, "of course." So, I took out my old phone and she commented on it and her friend, the one she bought the car for, took our picture. It is for sure my background. After that I said, "nice to meet you, see ya later". What, see ya later, that was stupid. She said, "ok, tell your friend hi. It was awesome!! I met Kelly Clarkson. Then Beth showed up and we sat down and I told her the whole story. My dad said, "only Kenli". We freaked out and tried to watch her the whole time. You might think the story ends there, but it does not.
I get home and Beth calls. She told me she had turned around b/c that was Kelly freakin Clarkson and we needed to do something about that. So, I went back with camera in hand and we sat in Beth's car waiting to play paparazzi. She came out and we sat and waited and waited and took a few pics and waited some more. She finally got into a black tahoe, that had been waiting in the parking lot for her, and they drove away, with us in close proximity. We went down this one road for many miles and were dying laughing the whole time. At one point Beth said, "Are we really doing this?" They turned, so we turned. Until they turned into their private driveway, the following, or should I say stalking, had come to an end. It was great while it lasted. She lives on Benton Lawson. Yeah, I know where Kelly lives. I even took a picture of her mailbox. This could have been the best night ever.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Kami got engaged!!! She is in Houston teaching and coaching and has been dating another teacher and coach at the same school, how cute. His name is Will Del Re. He popped the question Saturday night. I had to wait to post so that Kami could share the good news with all her close friends.
Can I just say that I love DVR. This thing has been one of the best purchases of my entire existence. Since we have this lovely invention I have had the chance to watch reruns of one of my favorite shows. If you did not think I was nerd before you will now. Everyday at 5:00 Who wants to be a millionaire comes on and I get to watch it commercial free in the evenings. I love it so much.

I am pumped b/c the 10 and final season of Friends came out on Tuesday. Yes, I have already purchased and almost completed watching it. I cannot bring myself to watch the last one, though I have seen it a million times. That would mean that it is really over, I know it has been 2 years, but that would really mean they are no longer on the air. That brings me to the beauty of seasons of TV on DVD. Another great thing in life. I can sit and watch Friends to my little hearts content.
As I sit here and type a maintenance man has entered the room to get the trash out, a nice thing. He told another intern in the office with me that he is too young to have complaints, what. After he took out the trash he began sweeping the floor, also a nice thing but found it a little odd while we were in the room. I figured he would just sweep in the areas where we were not, then I felt a soft brush across my foot, seriously you just swept my foot. He never said a word, I moved out of the way and he continued sweeping as if he never noticed me. I love random people.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Gotta love a good story...

You know when you wait for something funny to happen and your first thought when it finally does is I will blog about that, well it happened to me and Hall yesterday. (Read this also posted on her blog lindsayhallerbackgirl.blogspot.com) My friend, Hall (Lindsay Hall) asked me to go to the drug store with her and, of course, I said yes. We get there and a small pakistan man named Leo comes up to us and you know the drill asks us if we need help or if we have questions just ask him. (When I say Leo picture a short pakistan man with a white button down GNC shirt and nasty hair protruding out with nonetheless a gold chain around his neck.) Well, Hall had a drug in her hand and so she just mentioned about being interested in that...wrong thing to say. Leo proceeded to tell us everything about this drug and more for the next 20 minutes, seemed like an hour. It was one of those instances where you could tell he had read up on this item and knew everything about it and just waited for the day that a customer came in and picked it up so he could share all that he knew. Finally, he leaves to go help another customer and all I can say is, all he did was make me hungry. We laughed about old Leo and then we heard footsteps, I knew he was back. He grabbed another bottle of pills that goes hand in hand with the first and, you guessed it told us all about that one too. At that point I am just trying to keep a straight face and cannot, I repeat, cannot look at Hall. He leads us to the register and continues to talk and talk and talk about all these items and how to and what not to do, etc. Do not judge me for what I laughed at next, but he for sure used the phrase "hard stool" what the crap, at that point I was done I had to hide behind some items and lost it completely. It was so great. We laughed so hard once we left. You might think the story stops there, but it only gets better. We went back to the church to drop her off and get my car. She is headed to the door and I am driving away. I notice she is talking to this kid, Nathan, on a rock ledge on the other side of my car. Background: his name is Nathan he is in middle school and we have to love them. Nathan is just trouble; he causes it, he gets into it, he is just a twirp to use my daddy's word. He hollers at her saying he had just met Bruce Bowen, of the San Antonio spurs, she is excited and tells him that is cool. I, trying to be the nice intern also ask him what happened, he tells me and I say that is awesome Nathan. Right then he looks at me and chunks a rock clear at my car, I am sitting in the driver's seat and he just throws it. I look at him and say, "don't" then look over at Hall and say, "Are you kidding me, he just threw a rock at my car." we both busted out laughing and I left. Wow, what a day. I love it here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bad News Bears

Last night we had our first basketball practice. To catch you up, there is a church league here and 1st grade through adults can play. There are 26 teams and I am kind of the intramural director of Oak Hills. I have really enjoyed it, though it has had its low points; you know, parents complaining about their son not being with a certain friend or practice being too late or too early or my son broke his leg so he cannot play can we have a refund the list could go on forever. Those low points have really turned into high points. I have learned plenty and hope that continues. I have met so many people here at the church through this and am really finding joy through this experience. Enough background already. So, last night we had practice, if you can call it that. I am coaching 5th and 6th grade girls and helping with 7th and 8th grade girls. Now, cute is pretty much all the 5th and 6th graders have and believe me they are adorable. But, talk about your bad news bears. Think we might just have to go for fun instead of that stellar winning record. I will keep you updated as to how bad we lose once games begin.
Today begins a different day for me, I shall do something that I have spoken about for almost 4 years now. On many different occasions I have said, "I will do that tomorrow" For those of you that know me well, know what I am talking about. That is right, you guessed it, running. I will run today. I plan to run tues. through sat. and take sun. and mon. off. I might or might not keep you updated on that subject. Please pray that I do not die around 4:30 or 5:00 today. I will not mention that my plan was to get up early and start the day off with a good run.

Now, I leave you with this question: Where do the people that stand on the corner at the lights asking for money or work or whatever else, get those sharpies, they are always crisp and right out of the package?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The latest and greatest news is that San Antonio finally got the bird. That is what the back of the shirts say that the workers are wearing at the new Freebirds. Pretty sure I gasped and put my head back on my seat when I looked over and saw that it had opened. Another favorite of my, which I have not had in a while, is Taco Bueno. Some say that Taco Cabana compare, here in San Antonio, but no way no how. Once you have had that sweet sweet satisfaction of bueno you never go elsewhere. I thought for about a second opening one up here, but pretty sure there can be too many mexican food restaurants in one place. We have it all here, including a los jalapenos, los palapas, la mamacitas, you put a as, or os ending on a word and it is a restaurant here in Santonio.
Last night was a fantastic night, I am not just talking about the nice weather. Sometimes we have that here believe it or not. I got to eat dinner and walk around this huge outlet mall in San Marcos, that has grown 4x the size since I last went. The purpose of this story is to say I got to do that with one of my favorite people in all the land, Jen Perkins or better known as Mija. It was a lovely evening, we met around 5:00 and walked around a bit and then went and ate at yet another favorite of mine, Chilis. I really love there chips and queso with ranch dressing, not a lot beats that. I just realized I have talked about food pretty much this entire blog. We laughed and talked and laughed some more, I love her laugh. It was a great evening with a great friend. I just love those friends that can sit and talk about nothing and everything at the same time. The kind that you can be absent from for a while and as soon as you see one another again it is as though time stood still and things never changed. We talked about old memories in the dorm and we talked about what happened yesterday. It was so awesome. Mija encourages me so much and she has helped me through many things in life and always will. I love that girl, she is one of those friends for life.
It is hard to stop writing, but I must. I really must before I bore you, the reader. I fixed the comments and now all are welcome to comment. I love this blog stuff. Love you guys.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

There is a first time for everything...

Well, I did it I joined the world of bloggers. After much consideration I decided it was time. Once I began creating my very first blogspot, which I love that they are called blogspots; priceless, I was hooked I loved every step, well the three steps it takes. I thought maybe I was going to join only to make comments, but you know me I have way too much to say to the world and had to post if I joined. Here is one thought, halloween is like the world's grub.