Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just Happened...

Alright, when I sub I usually find a student that enjoys watching TV almost as much as I do. So, I have found one in the class I am currently subbing. We were talking about shows, Brothers and Sisters to be exact, and discussing the happenings thus far in the season. If you do not watch, which you should, there is gay brother on the show. She had a question about the gay brother and from across the room another student yelled out, "my brother is gay". What?!?! The student talking to me froze and awkwardly replied, "I was talking about a show". It was awesome. I am still laughing about it.
On the subbing story note, I was talking with this same TV loving student the other day during class and we were discussing Gossip Girl. I was replaying a scene and said, "Why did you sleep with him?" At that moment I realized that another student had walked to the front to get something and heard it all. He was astonished and tried to slip away slowly with fear that he was not supposed to hear what was just said by the sub. I fixed it and explained the whole thing to him.
I love these kids.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I am Blessed...

School has begun, well a while back. Coaching is great. Vollyeball ends Sat. I must say I am ok with that, not because we only won 4 games but because that means baketball is soon approaching. Here is the deal, I like playing volleyball but I like coaching basketball. I thought it would be different. Maybe it is because I coach middle school volleyball and high school basketball or maybe it is because they yell at me when I do not sit down on the bench in volleyball and let me tell you I cannot coach sitting down. Now, this does not mean that I hate coaching volleyball or that I hate middle school girls, because I love them and it. There is just something about high school basketball that I love and those girls that I have gotten close to on the team. So, October 15 starts the season and the fun. I am also teaching a pe class here. I thought it would not be fun to teach pe, I will just say it because of the non athletic kids, but I love them. I would have never gotten to know these kids here because they do not play sports and therefore are not the "well known" kids in school here. But, they are awesome people. We play kickball, volleyball, soccer, mafia, duck duck goose-that is right and the animal game. I had to stop playing athletic games because it was hard for me to watch and not coach. I am working on making up more games. It is a Mon, Tues, Thurs class and it lasts an hour and a half which does in fact get very long, but they are sweet kids and I have enjoyed getting to know them. I am also subbing, which I hate, but oh well. Little extra money never hurt. All this to say I am blessed. I am blessed to form relationships with these high schoolers and get to talk with them daily about their lives and get to share my life with them. I am blessed to work with the staff I work with and make fun of the kids with them and go to lunch and share life with them. I am blessed because I get to work at a place that share Jesus Christ as the common Lord in life. I am blessed because I get to meet the kids' parents and learn where they came from. I am blessed because I get to see my parents everyday and hang out with them. I am blessed because I am blessed for so many reasons. I just need to remind myself of them from time to time.