Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I really do not understand why kids say they hate school. All it is is hanging out with friends, honestly. There is some work, but let's face it, they either do not do their work, copy from others, work in groups, or have no friends and get finished quickly. I know they do not listen or pay attention. They think it is so boring, but why all they do is talk to friends in the hallways at the desk next to them or across the room from them. When they do not have a class with a buddy they text them all during class. If they must talk to their friend right then, they meet up in the bathroom or somewhere. I know you are stuck inside all day, but not really. I know you have to listen to a teacher, but who really does that. I know you have to actually bring your books to class and hand things in every now and then, but that could be taken care of easily. Now, do not get me wrong I hated school too, but now that I think about it why did I hate it so?
It is funny to watch kids flock to other kids like them and to hear conversations between middle school kids and the drama of high school kids. But, sometimes I just hurt for those that I see by themselves constantly. One kid comes to mind.
Let me try to set him up for you, this will not give it justice.
Crazy bed hair daily (night showerer, obviously), shorts pulled up so high it is sick, the woven belt and the loop (no lie), huge glasses that are constantly at the end of his nose, tall socks, white tennis shoes, he always has three items that he is carrying: one being a roller backpack another a small bag on his back and the other you could probably guess it a band instrument. While holding all these things, he runs from class to class. I will top all that off with he sounds like mickey mouse when he speaks. This was classic the other day he was late for track and when we asked him why he told us in his mickey voice, while looking all around that his mom made him take two showers and he had no clue why. Oh to be a middle schooler again, I do not think so.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Break...

You have not seen an angry mob until you tell a 100 plus passengers to change from gate C7 to gate C21 due to a missing part on the plane. Wow, I heard a huge sigh and then just moaning. The people that were the best to watch were the passengers in group A, obviously I flew Southwest. They were pissed because they for sure had their choice of seats, then in a matter of seconds all that was messed up. It was completely out of their control. This mad mob of passengers was literally running through the airport to beat the others to the gate. I noticed through all the confusion a sweet lady in a wheelchair. She was told that a worker would come back for her because they also had to wheel three others. She sat there and watched the angry mob dart around the chair people flew past her paying no attention, some hit her and some brushed by her and others did nothing short of juked her to get around the wheelchair. Granted, she was a preboarder so she need not worry about where she was in line, but still it was sad to watch people run so carelessly around her. I heard many complaints of not getting a good seat and plans of one rushing ahead and getting in line while the other carried the luggage of the two. It was a sight to see. Once everyone got to their places and called the people picking them up, we heard over the speaker that there was now a flat tire on this new plane and it would be another hour or so before we took off. The groaning and complaining had escalated at this point as people began reaching for their cell phones. This was so great to witness and I was able to eat dinner now, so very content. I love hearing people talking to those around them and meeting new people. I got to make some friends while we waited. We finally boarded and took off.
This was all possible because I was able to spend some quality time with Mo and Blake in Nashville. It was so great to see them. It felt like old times when we all lived together, just conversation has changed a bit to real life instead of chapel or some kid that looks like a bumble bee in history class. I also spent time in San Antonio and that was great as well.
Hopefully, it will not take me so long to post again, no promises though.