Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm A Big Kid Now...

I am a terrible blogger, but thanks to those reading this who stuck it out and continue to check in, having faith that I would return.
Recently I moved in to Gardner Dorm, no not a freshman again, as the director. What?!?! That is right, believe it. It has been about 2 weeks. Loved the coaching and teaching thing, but have moved on. I have a two bedroom apartment that sits near the west lobby. It is actually an entire hallway, so I call it my single wide. The guest bedroom, if you want to call it that doubles as my laundry room, well triples as the workout room as well. I love my place, it is my own. I am absolutely pumped for the freshmen class to move in, I cannot wait to meet them and see who I will share my Gardner mansion with.
On another update two dear friends got married allowing me to spend time with many dear friends. Jen and Hayden finally tied the knot. It was beautiful and perfect. I stayed with Lij and Neen as did Blake and Mo, good times had by all. We went to the rehearsal dinner and when we all saw each other it was as though we had not seen one another in 10 years, oh the screaming-Ros. We had a good time hanging out in Austin. Thanks for getting married Mija and Hayden.
Finally a blog. I will try to keep this updated more. I know you guys want to hear about my summer training here in the dorm.