Saturday, August 23, 2008


I now have 300 girls, give or take a few, that live in my mansion. It has been a long week, but a good one. I will say, I have missed watching the olympics. I am obsessed with them, to say the least. We had candle light devo, the gardner meeting (which I spoke for an hour at-I know, shocker), got to see Cassie and Jevy and Kara moving their sisters in, well Kara was moving Zach's sister in, but same thing. That was crazy. The fire alarm went off, boys tried to climb up the escape ladder, curfew violations, calling girls out on their nasty butt shorts and much much more. It was a pretty eventful week and many more to come. It is funny to be on the other side of things, maybe not all the time, well yeah pretty much all the time.
I begin school on Mon, what the crap? You heard it right, I am going back to school per my own decision, never ever thought that would happen. I am getting my masters of higher education because I am really liking this working at a university thing. That sentence sounded intelligent.
I am staying up late again and soon will be back in the books, wait I never was in the books. This time I will be, I promise MoMo. I really feel like I am a freshmen again, it is awesome. It was really funny before the big meeting, the girls did not know who I was and so they would say anything when they would walk by me in the dorm, oh the things I heard. It kind of made me want to go incognito all year long to hear everything, but let's face it I am about to be 26 and so old and mature, it would not have lasted long.
Kristi: I am still reminding myself that I am the adult, I am the adult. Thanks.