Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3 awesome weekends...

Read all the way through and enjoy some pictures at the end, that is right I am going to post pictures, get excited.
It all started with homecoming weekend. One of my favorites and for the first time since college I was not driving in on Thurs night and spending the night with Hall to attend chapel the next morning I was awaiting company here in Abilene. Katie came in on Thurs and we had a grand ol time catching up and staying up late. Friday my parents arrived and shortly thereafter Erika and Jen showed up, yesss. Ferika and Jen (mija) occupied room 129 in Gardner and it was fabulous. It took us back to dorm life and that was a fun time. We walked the halls together and just reminisced. We woke up and went to the parade, which never lets me down and then on to the football game.
Two weeks later they returned, along with others, for our annual girls weekend. That was an absolute blast. We shopped, ate, sat around a fire, stayed up late, watched sing song videos (do not judge), went to friday chapel, ate some more, went to anson lights (Hess' favorite), dead baby house (always a hit) and ate again. That weekend never fails to be so much fun, I look forward to it and love it. I cannot wait until Nashville '09.
The third and final awesome weekend was Beth and Jarod's wedding weekend. It was a classy event in which I got to see many friends that I have not seen in a while.
Alright, enough talking here are some pics...

The cute couple

me, Spence, Kate, Em

ACU Friends


Kate, Em, Kami, me clue

Group w/Grandpa

hanging around campfire

Hess pumped about Anson lights

MoMo's reaction to halftime show

Ferika's reaction to halftime show

Group at game

Go Wildcats!!



sporting the purple except one of us...

We love ACU Wildcats!!!


Moriah said...

Thanks for posting that sweet picture of me!

Kristi said...

1. The purple on this site is painful. You should include some warning box like on cigarette boxes: "may cause injury if reading while awake".

2. It weirds me out to see both you and Emily dressed all girly.

3. That is the lamest gang sign you guys keep flashin'. I tried it, but my hand keeps cramping.

4. Love you!

5. When are you coming back up here??

Anonymous said...

I second Mo's comment. Thanks alot.

Disclaimer for those in the big purple reading this blog: I've never enjoyed a half time show more. Phil Collins is one of the greatest artist ever born.

Sarah Megan said...

EXCUSE ME ... you are not a GATA you better quit it

Kate said...

I'm so proud of you for writing AND putting up pictures!

Bethany DuBose said...

Kenli,did I see cleavage in your picture at the wedding????

Jill said...

I didn't know you had a blog, how fun! I am so excited to read it, your stories cracked me up at Beth's bachelorette party and wedding.